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Welcome to the KLQL8 wiki. This wiki is for D. Coudert's AP Calculus Class.

Please consider this problem:

I got on the Mass Pike at the Lee tollbooth at 2:00 in the afternoon. At 3:05, I got off at the Worcester (10A) exit. Do you think I ever was speeding? Any thoughts on how fast I was moving at 2:30 PM ?

Well.... somebody add to this to help solve the problem

Well I calculated it to be 86.7 miles between the Lee tollboth and Worcester so that might help.

The speed limits on the mass pike is 65 (west of route 9).

If he went 86.7 miles in 65 minutes, he was clearly speeding.

How do you know that?

If he was going the speed limit it would have taken him 1.33 hours

Good point! Good thinking. Now can someone tell me my average velocity for the trip? What does that have to do with either my speeding or my actual velocity at 2:30 PM?

How do you find velocity?

Your average velocity for the trip was 80.031miles per hour.
In other words, you exceeded the speed limits on the mass pike, which is 65miles per hour.
Also, you can find velocity with the equation;
Average Velocity = Displacement / Time